Filming at the Castle Green

Filming at the Castle Green

Facts and Resources to ensure you a stress-free filming experience.


Layout and Rates:

The Castle Green, as you will see from the floorplans, is a series of spaces on the ground floor that appear to be separate rooms, but are connected in such a way that they flow from one area into another.

For instance, the Lobby and the Grand Salon are open to each other, and the smaller adjacent rooms, the Moorish, Turkish, and Sunroom, proceed off of the Salon.

Therefore, regardless of where the filming takes place, the entire area is impacted. For this reason, when you rent the Castle for filming, you will be getting the whole ground floor, plus the grounds.

This does not mean that you would be paying a higher rate. It means that you have the luxury of being the only action in the building.

Our rates are vey reasonable, and we will be happy to discuss them with you over the phone.  Once we have an idea as to the size and scope of your project we can determine what the rates will be.   Our location affords so many different and unusual filming opportunities that it is possible for us to accommodate everything from sweeping motion picture productions to intimate interviews. So, naturally, rates vary. One phone call can answer price and availability and set up a same day appointment

We will negotiate for you with the owners or tenants of individual apartments, should you want to use one. When calling to make arrangements to scout, it would be good to give us a description of what you are looking for, so that we can notify any residents that we may be visiting their space.

Film Permit:

City of Pasadena
Office of Economic Development
t. 626-744-3965
f. 626-396-7567
100 N. Garfield Avenue 4th floor
Pasadena CA 91109
We will provide and deliver a Permission To Film form to their office.

The City of Pasadena does not allow filming between December 20 and January 7th, with some exceptions, due to Rose Parade activity.


The Castle will provide you with a sample contract, as well as Proximity Agreements or Inconvenience/Area Use Agreements if needed for you when any resident of the building  is adversely affected, and may need some small compensation, and to save you time and trouble we will complete all paper work and W9’s as necessary, using your forms or ours.


City of Pasadena Film Department will arrange for on-street parking for your trucks and service vehicles once you obtain a film permit. That parking will be on Raymond Street and Dayton Street adjacent to the Castle.

There is no parking on the Castle Green grounds. However. For crew, there are 2 parking structures within half a block and an open air  parking lot across the street.

  • School House Parking on Green Street,  City of Pasadena Parking
  • Metro Line Parking on Raymond Ave,   City of Pasadena parking
  • Stats Floral Supply, a large vacant lot that can be rented.
    120 Raymond Ave  626-795-9308


Craft Services has the option of parking on the street, and serving in our back yard or front yard areas,  or we can arrange for our  2nd Location  to provide a large area for them to set up trucks and serve, right next door.

Generators can park next to the Castle on Dayton, or we can make arrangements for them to be parked closer to the action at Castle Catering, next door.

Talent and Crew Holding Area:

Depending upon where your filming is taking place in the Castle, there may be areas to hold talent, production, or crew, particularly in the ballroom, if it is not part of the production. Sometimes a private apartment can be rented for the benefit of talent, for privacy.

Arrangements can also be made for very comfortable crew Holding at Castle Catering next door.

Night Shooting:

The Castle can accommodate late night filming in most circumstances.

It will depend upon how much disturbance there is to residents and neighbors, and whether the City of Pasadena will allow it.


We have one elevator that accesses the whole building.

It is 122 years old and is hand operated 24 hours a day by experienced and friendly elevator operators. This elevator has moved entire apartments, grand pianos, and crews and film equipment for 45 years.

It is a focal point of the building, and has starred in many films, but it is not stuck-up. and knows how to do its job, as does the staff who runs it.

During your filming, it will still need to transport residents and staff, but will be stopped and quiet whenever you are shooting.

Any further questions you may have, please call Jan Cady at 626-807-6195

Where is the Castle Green?

Floor Plans

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2nd Level


Entry Level

Front Elevation

South Elevation

To schedule an appointment (available 24 hours a day) or for answers, please contact

Kathy Brown


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